With a mix of the traditional, the fantastic, and sometimes the bizarre, you never quite know where a night at the Cultch will take you. A haven for thought-provoking work, the Vancouver East Cultural Centre may have limited budgets, but they're game for just about anything. 

Dogs. Dinosaurs. DNA.

Concept Development / Art Direction / Design / Photography / Copywriting   ||   Created at PUBLIC Design.

A long-time client, the Cultch came to us to design the cover and interior template for their 2010/2011 season brochure. We were faced with the challenge of representing a wide variety of performances while still maintaining the Cultch’s own identity, as well as keeping costs low.

Using some elaborate photography, we created a vision of the wide range of experiences that the Cultch opens up to all its visitors. The streamlined interior template made the showtimes and other information easily accessible, while allowing the stunning performance imagery to shine.

From this point we also developed a variety of promotional material for various advertising venues, which paired the elaborate imagery with clever copywriting that played off the themes of the season's productions.

Campaign Photos

Composite Poster Shot
Kids Programming Shot

Sometimes it's hard to get ideas across on paper with just a few reference photos. In this case, in order to get my Creative Director to sign off on the concept, I dragged them out to the theatre for the morning to do a quick comp of what we'd get from the final result. 

Ads & Print

Bus Shelter Ad
In-Transit Poster
Season Program Booklet
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