Case Study

Hootsuite Halloween Campaign

Concept Development / Production & Graphic Design / Branding / Some Zombie-ing  ||  Created with the fine folks of the Hootsuite Video Team and a variety of other talented people.

Fear. It’s an emotional experience as old as time itself, but one that has changed leaps and bounds in the last decade. One of the new players to enter this game is, a growing enterprise looking to disrupt the scare space by aligning bleeding-edge technologies with traditional horror.

When it comes to the fear industry, the slow businesses are always the first to die, so needed a social media tool that could keep up with such rapid change. For that, they turned to Hootsuite.

Learn how simplifies fear induction through enhanced killaboration and incison-making.

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Mrdr Logo-v3
Mrdr Logo-v3

Production Design

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