Hello there!

If you’ve got something to say, you want to say it well. That’s where I come in.  

Stories and streamlining are two of my favourite things. I pride myself on communicating messages, big and small, and doing it well. The medium I’m working in matters a lot less to me than the ideas and the results they can create.

Design is for "making it awesome", not just “making it pretty”. Whether I'm leading a killer design team, or building a sweet cedar dining table, that notion is the cornerstone of my work.

Whether your story gets told in words, pictures, or all of the above, I’d like to help you tell it well.

A few numbers for the numerically-inclined:
1 afternoon of thinking = 30K+ annual savings.
20+ brands built with awesome clients.
855,000 words lovingly typeset.
120K+ photos taken. Some of them good.

A few other things that keep me alive:
Cooking/Eating. Can’t have one without the other.
Woodworking. Because, power tools.
Yoga. Midday headstands are helpful.
Interesting places. Getting lost is fun.

Want to say hi?

Numbers: (001) 778.998.5592

Letters: mark.stokoe@gmail.com

Interwebs: LinkedIn

Due to increasing urban density, carrier pigeon deliveries will no longer be accepted. Any sent will likely not return, but can be assumed to have gone to a better place.